FMS offers a wide variety of sports activities for our students. We encourage the students to be competitive and do their best, but also to have a sense of fair play and sportsmanship. The sports program at FMS is based on the premise that athletics is an integral part of the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth grade total school experience. Students at this age have a strong interest in sports that must be channeled into positive outcomes. Our sport programs will emphasize team building, sportsmanship, cooperation, and fair play. Developing student skills in conjunction with the concepts of hard work, dedication to purpose, and sacrifice will have a major emphasis. Students will be afforded many opportunities designed to build self-esteem, self-confidence, and a positive attitude. Competition will be stressed in positive terms. The FMS sports program must be kept in its proper perspective, as a part of the larger educational program, secure in the knowledge that what is best for students will always have priority.