Please contact the Main Office at 201-391-9000 ext. 2500 before 9:00AM. Phone messages can be left 24 hours/day on the main office's answering machine. Please state the reason for the absence. In the event of planned absences, a letter should be sent to the school office prior to the absence. A written statement of the reason for absence must be provided upon the student's return to school. If your child was seen by their doctor, provide a doctor's note to clear them to return. Students who arrive after 8:40 AM will be considered tardy.

Vacation During School Time
Going on vacation during school time is a family decision. Parents assume responsibility for their child’s
schoolwork during this time. Parents should notify the principal in advance regarding any non-scheduled
vacations. Tests/quizzes and work that are missed during the student’s absence will be made up at the
discretion of the classroom teacher.

Students are considered late if they have not arrived in homeroom by 8:42 a.m. Students who are
chronically tardy, and whose late arrivals are not excused in accordance with Board Policy, will be subject
to disciplinary action as outlined in the Student Handbook.

Early Dismissal
Parents are requested to not ask to have their child dismissed from school before the regular dismissal time.
However, in the event it does become necessary due to medical or dental appointments or emergencies, the
student must present a written request for early dismissal to the school office. At the early dismissal time,
students will report to the office where they will be dismissed when their parents arrive. No student will be
allowed to leave school without her/his parent or guardian.  Students must be in attendance for 4 hours
in order to participate in after school activities.